VinSense is an effective decision support software system based on the latest sensing technology

(in situ and remotely sensed)

Our product gives producers, field managers, and winemakers the tools to manage soil moisture, pruning, irrigation, canopy management, and water conservation to increase production efficiency, quantity, and crop sustainability while reducing variability in production within a field and across seasons.

VinSense provides crop managers with real-time information about the distribution of soil moisture and temperature through the soil profile and across the landscape.   These management tools are integrated with other environmental data streams that monitor the weather, the plants directly, and spectral imagery. VinSense uses innovative visual analytics to integrate high volume data flows into actionable decision tools that have been collaboratively developed with end-user growers and vintners.


VinSense consists of two integrated software components:

The first software component generates a precision soil map that enables an optimal sensor deployment strategy (minimizing number and cost of sensors) to collect high resolution information about moisture in soil profiles across the landscape.

The second product harnesses the information collected by the sensors and the precision soil map and creates visual analytic tools to transform massive volume environmental sensor data into crop management decisions.

Using the VinSense decision support software system as a foundation, the VinSense team offers growers a full range of advisory services that enable:

Enhanced understanding:

  • Soil-plant interactions
  • Long-term vineyard sustainability
  • Water management strategies
  • Crop management practices

Improved decision-making:

  • Timing / amount of irrigation water
  • Crop cover management
  • Tillage and nutrient applications
  • Pruning
  • Crop harvest timing / methods

Positive economic impact:

  • Improved moisture resource management
  • Increased quantity/quality of grapes
  • Improved harvest and production planning